How can the Augmented Reality possibility enhance contemporary jewellery design?

My major project is divided into three parts: flowing colors, dancing jewellery, and a future shop called Simulacra. I developed the theme of Simulacra for my exhibition, which explores the central theme of : dynamism in virtual space.

Based on the exploration of materials and dynamics, I am fascinated by the combination of experiment and uncertainty, real and virtual, 3D form of digital jewellery and real, which can simulate the real and transcend the real existence. When attached to the digital material, the unexpected effect of watercolor ca provides surprises and happiness for designer and audience. Therefore, the exhibition provides the audience with an immersive experience, and the interactivity is also an important part.

Experimental, conceptual, narrative and the diversification of material is characteristic of contemporary jewellery design. Jewellery design can be an extension of a medium and a creation closely related to the body. Contemporary jewellery design provides a more inclusive attitude towards this connection, even digitally.


Globally, the concept of digital design, creation tools and ideas are increasingly popular, and digitalization has gradually entered people's daily life. In the future, contemporary jewellery design will not only be a simple decoration, but also a beautiful symbol, emotional narrative and concept of elaboration, functionality and interaction, which can be achieved through new thinking and new technology. In today's diversified science and technology, contemporary jewellery design has endless development potential. The development of science and technology has allowed the expansion of more creative ideas and provided creative means for jewellery design.


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